The Bottom Line

SafeTec gives Environmental, Health & Safety professionals the support, technology and know-how to make informed decisions about the chemicals in their organization. We unlock the data within safety data sheets and use automation to deliver the structured information you need to manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably.

Our Goals

To learn more about you, your priorities, and your vision.

To earn your trust, so you consider us an extension of your own team.

To give you the most productive and environmentally friendly solutions.

To make the world more secure and sustainable.

Our Mission

SafeTec provides industry-leading tools and services—plus highly personalized support—to help customers understand and analyze the chemicals used in their organizations. We integrate technology, services, information, and automation to make this possible. We adapt our offerings to our customers’ needs and collaborate with them in developing innovative, intuitive solutions. We innovate, grow, and expand our influence to generate sustainable value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.


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